Pedestrianised car-free resort

No cars ! Less pollution ! Safety first !

The challenges for the ultimate holiday:

Conciliating immaculate snow and traffic is difficult. In the majority of ski resorts, cars turn nature's beautiful white cover into dirty slush...  Not here!

The storybook image of beautiful white snow is real ! Some people choose to park their cars far from the slopes and have to haul their luggage, skis and kids about... You don't do that here either!

Your car is on holiday too at Les Karellis !

The resort was thought out and designed for families

Just take a look around ! The cars are parked next to the apartments, but the skiing and 100 % pedetrian area  is there too! The designers of Les Karellis saw their dream resort through the eyes of families with children and tailor-made the resort for them. The resort is completely skin in-ski out. The shops are very need for a car.

Put your skis on in front of your hotel! At Les Karellis, there's no painful journey with the skis, kids and all... Leave your accommodation and put on your skis on straight away!...

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