Restaurants & bars

Four restaurants with something for every taste:

Fast food: Le Karelcrock

Savoyard restaurant: Le Mélèze

On the slopes: Le Vinouva

Pizzeria: La Kasa'Pizz

If you're in a hurry...

Le Karelcrock: Fast food, to eat in or take away... Eat quickly to ski more!

snack le krok les karellis

The dishes are prepared with local ingredients: burgers, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, paninis and salads are made fresh every day.
Bread (baguettes, flutes, farmhouse bread, organic bread...) and pastries are available for breakfast at the foot of the slopes!
For those with a sweeter tooth, pancakes and waffles are waiting for you! 

Outdoor patio and playground for children.

The Karelcrock is open every day from 7.45am.

Inner Forum courtyard, close to "Les Granges" chairlift.


For traditional flavours:

Le Mélèze: this Savoyard bar-restaurant is brand new and beautiful. Welcome to a mountain atmosphere with local specialities !

restaurant le mélèze les karellis

On the menu: dish of the day, toasted sandwiches, salads and Savoyard specialities, for lunch and dinner and après-ski too!

Kids have their own menu "pt'ites spécialités savoyardes" (with smaller portions adapted to smaller tummies). 

Different eating areas, with something for everyone: 

  • Typical wood décor of a mountain chalet
  • Enjoy the view and the sunshine in the panoramic bubble
  • Top up your tan and relax on the patio overlooking the slopes


Baby-changing area for the little ones

Food served all day:  Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 10pm, Sunday 8.30am to 7pm.

Also open during the summer.


La Kasa Pizz

An original concept of an open kitchen at the foot of the slopes: the pizzas and pasta are prepared right in front of you!

Enjoy innovative recipes, home-made pizzas all made with high-quality, local ingredients: AOC, Label Rouge...

pizzeria la kasapizz les karellis

We're showing sports on our giant screen. On the programme: fun and sports with a pizza and a drink!

Pizzas to eat in or take away.

Open Monday to Sunday, 5 to 11pm.
Behind "La Vordache" shop, next to the cinema.

For a great meal or a drink at the top of the slopes...

Le Vinouva: The ONLY bar-restaurant on the slopes at Les Karellis!

With its exceptional views, it's a well-deserved break!

restaurant d'altitude le vinouva les karellis

On the menu: dish of the day, fried food, pancakes and hot chocolate - something for every appetite!

Large patio and sunny area overlooking the slopes.

Mountain atmosphere.

Open every day from 9am to 4.30pm.
At the "Plan du Four" chairlift.

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