Winter or summer, there's no time to get bored at Les Karellis!

The activities at the Karellis are for sports enthusiasts, contemplatives, young people, less young people, families, friends, couples, groups... In short, if all tastes are in nature, nature c is at Les Karellis.

In winter

Skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, shows, cinema, idleness, heritage visit... and it's not over!

In summer

Hiking, mountain biking, heritage visit, tree climbing, climbing, archery, swimming pool, ... and many other things!

Do you live in a resort residence? Here are the activities included in your PASS 2023 : English Pass Pass+ 2023    
Ascent by chairlift for mountain bikers and walkers The Vinouve chairlift takes walkers and mountain bikers up the mountain; you can descend on foot, on bike or by the chairlift !...
Les Karellis: your life-size playground! Do you want to have fun sporting activities in a natural setting? You won’t have time to get bored... Swimming, blowpipe archery,...
Discover the heritage of Savoie! Its rich history, Alpine identity and mountain traditions have given Savoie a unique and celebrated heritage.  From the mountain, lake and forest...

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