Paragliding initiation

Take to the skies with “L’Envair”.

Would you like to fly over Les Karellis?

Have an unforgettable time paragliding with Thomas!

Fly in tandem over the outstanding landscape around the resort of Les Karellis!

Open to all from the age of 5 to 85… from gentle soaring to aerial acrobatics, you only have to ask!

The take-off takes place from the resort’s ski slopes at the summit of La Plagne.  Different take-offs are possible depending on weather conditions and the direction of the wind at the summit.

  •         Long flight: 900m: 80 €, landing in the resort
  •         Short flight: 350m: 45 €


So, convinced? Just call Thomas directly on or Zian on to arrange the ideal time for a flight that you won’t forget!

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