Country Golf


From 02/07 to 27/08. Intersport store opening hours. Clodes between 12:00 and 3pm.

Country-Golf was born from the desire of some enthusiasts to share their love of golf with the multitude.
An economical, easily learned, safe, family-friendly variation of golf with simple equipment.


Included in the PASS and PASS PLUS Bracelet.
Price per session : 4€ for external clients.


One multifaceted club !
Inspired by old popular games: Lacrosse, Mail, Chole and of course Golf, they have developed a simple game concept without danger that everyone can play. A soft ball reduces the distances involved to 100m.

Equipment rental at the Intersport shop :
9:00 - 12:00
14:30 - 19:00


73870 Les Karellis


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