Have fun all winter long at Les Karellis!

In addition to our one-off activities, take a look at the winter events :

FEERI'K - from December 17 to 31, 2022

Santa Claus is coming... What if, for once, adults also doubt the existence of Santa Claus? Immerse yourself in the incredible world of the famous elves throughout your visit to Santa Claus Village, located at the Mini Farm. On the way to magic...





KARELLIS SHOW XXL - December 24 and 31, 2022

Exceptional times, exceptional events
This year, the Karellis resort is offering its end-of-year holidaymakers two spectacular light shows.
A new pooling of all the actors of the station will guarantee the wonder of all.






In the heart of the Karellis area, find 2 routes of 5 and 10 kilometers, to be done at night! Organized by Le Club des Sports de Montricher Albanne, this run on snow will perhaps shake up your habits?




LA GRANDE ODYSSEE - January 12, 2023

The Karellis resort is hosting for the first time the 5th stage of La Grande Odyssée, an international dog sled race. For lovers of dogs, nature and sport in general, La Grande Odyssée VVF will touch your heart.






On Fridays February 3 and March 10, 2023, the Karellis welcome Vertikal, the ski touring race organized by Le Club des Sports des Karellis.




FESKIGLISS - from February 10 to 12, 2023

FeskiGliss is a music festival on the Karellis. Find groups more fun than each other for a guaranteed crazy atmosphere. Colorful concerts await you on the snow front and at the arrival of the Vinouve chairlift.






WINTER K GAMES - 2 editions 2023

Skiing, snowboarding, yes, but not only... Combining pleasure and challenges is possible at Les Karellis!
Free competition, open to all levels and even to beginners: registration on site.





The Karellis snow front becomes a tropical island!
Between skiing and the beach, the sk'lage offers you: Water slide, pedal carousel, concert, sun and company...





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