Discover orienteering

Who says that snowshoe hikes can't be fun?

Not us! Here, it's not just about walking with snowshoes... We're inviting you to discover magical places with a map!  Children or adults, beginners or advanced, sportsmen or fun-lovers, Les Karellis orienteering race is for you!

balade raquettes les karellis

Sports Orienteering Zone: How does the Sports Orienteering Zone at Les Karellis work?

The game is to find the AURA markers that have a number and are shown on the map inside the red circles. You also have to stamp your card on these markers. Participants can develop their skills beginning with the green trails (the easiest) and evolving towards the black ones (the hardest).

  • Green trail 2.5km / 130m level difference
  • Blue trail 3.8km / 200m level difference
  • Red trail 4.6km / 260m level difference
  • Black trail 6km / 360m level difference


Good to know: some markers may be covered with snow but are never buried in deep snow!

Simply download your map and print it up at home.

carte course orientation les karellis

You can also pick one up from the Tourist Information Office at Les Karellis (€1) and the corrected version.

This project was created with the support of the  Savoie Orienteering Department Committee

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