Toute la station et ses prestataires se préparent à vous accueillir pour débuter la nouvelle saison dans les meilleures conditions.
Ouverture à partir du 19 Décembre. Nous nous tenons informés des actualités afin de vous garantir des vacances en toute sécurité. Alors, à très vite aux Karellis !
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Snow guaranteed

A resort spoilt by Mother Nature 

"Unforgettable skiing holiday with tons of snow! "

Les Karellis ski resort is quite high (1,600m to 2,520m). There are both north- and south-facing slopes. Over 70% of the resort is above 2,000 metres altitude!

If there is no snow on the slopes back to the resort, our snow cannons make sure you can ski in and ski out right until the end of the season.  We produce huge quantities of snow from the first cold weather in November and December to overcome any bad weather conditions. So, even for the winter 2014 season when many of our colleagues had to resort to mountain biking, our guests could ski on 60% of our slopes! Who could do better than that!? Thank you Mother Nature!

How about a little powder to get you in the mood?

From beginner to expert, skiing at every level and for everyone's pleasure Of course, we have runs for beginning or perfecting your skiing. But very, very, very good skiers also have...
You come to ski, not queue! No queues at the lifts, no slalom skiing between skiers on the slopes. Les Karellis for the best skiing in Savoie! The formula is simple and...
When you stay at Les Karellis, the lift pass is included. For Albanne or Montricher, the choice is yours! Ski for the day: inexpensive super skiing with no queues at the lifts!...
Mickael Bimboes, pro rider, international freerider A pro rider who is a huge fan of Les Karellis!  He began skiing and snowboarding with his family in Les Karellis which...

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