Our sustainable development commitments for Les Karellis

Sustainable development has become a major concern in recent years. Protecting our immediate environment has become something we all have to do now. In the mountains, around Montricher Albanne and Les Karellis, we are working together to protect our ecosystem.

The Sustainable Development Charter

As we mentioned before, we have to join forces and unite to protect the environment around
us. This is done through various commitments, covering a variety of fields.

Protected nature reserves

Some ecosystems in Les Karellis are still fragile and need constant protection to prevent them falling victim to tourism or disappearing altogether. We request that you are particularly mindful of these incredible sites :

Tétra-Lyre zone

The black grouse reserve. When the Vancouver chairlift was built, the decision was taken to create a 300-metre-long screen of vegetation between the hillside retainer and the Bec de l’Aigle bend to prevent skiers straying into sensitive areas. By doing this we were able to protect the black grouse. The Town Council, the French forestry commission (the ONF) and the body running Les Karellis’ pistes and lifts decided to keep this protection in place indefinitely and to pay for new protective netting as the plants have not grown sufficiently as yet to offer an effective barrier. These measures will also enable resinous trees to regenerate, safe from the damage caused by those skiing off-piste. An extra effort has also been made to raise awareness about the black grouse with new information boards erected in the ski area.


Have you heard of the black grouse?

The black grouse, also known as the Eurasian black grouse, blackgame or blackcock, is a member of the mountain Galliformes family. The two sexes are very different in terms of size and colouring so you can tell them apart easily.


Lac de Pramol peat bog

When you were passing by the Pramol Lake did you walk all the way around it? If so, you may have walked over the peat bog at the end of the lake.

A peat bog is an ecosystem in which a substantial amount of organic matter has accumulated. Under certain weather and topographic conditions, vegetation becomes mixed and decomposes slowly and, most importantly, only partly. It then forms peat, also known as turf, an organic fossil matter. These wetlands play a role in the carbon cycle. It is estimated that, on average, peatlands store 15 to 30% of carbon trapped in soil. Peat bogs are mainly comprised of water and organic matter.



The Station Verte (Green Resort) Label

Les Karellis has been certified a “Station verte” since 2021. Station Verte is a tourism label created in 1964 by the French Federation of Green Resorts and Snow Villages.
A Station Verte is a countryside holiday destination, recognised on a national level as a resort offering meaningful stays, promoting natural, authentic, mindful tourism that respects the environment.

Earning the Station Verte label means:

● Sharing a global vision of a tourism that is authentic and respects local features,
developing sustainable projects that protect, respect and preserve nature,
● Providing a full range of activities connected to the area’s natural, cultural or historic
● Committing to a locally-based tourism that is mindful and respects the surrounding
● Promoting the area’s natural attractions.

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