Our commitment to quality

Les Karellis’ tourist information office team has joined up with the “Qualité Tourisme TM” state guaranteed brand

Qualité tourismes les Karellis

A word from the tourist office team :

"Since September 2013, the tourist information office has considered quality a fundamental element of the organisation’s operation.

The formalisation of actions initiated in 2016 involved a lot of work but it proved both beneficial and rewarding for the whole team.

Not only has it strengthened ties resulting in a more united team where everyone was able to get involved but it has also improved our organisational structure and internal communication through the setting up of coherent and adapted tools (magic chart, internal meetings...).

Today the Quality Tourism scheme has enabled us to recognize and value our skills; this further motivates us to pursue our continuous improvement process. "

Our goal ? To continually improve our services and skills in order to better welcome and advise you making your stay unforgettable.

How ? By ensuring the effectiveness of our organisation and maintaining cohesion between our visitors, partners, socio-professionals and the community. To this end, we place the satisfaction of our holidaymakers and the quality of our services at the heart of our concerns by adhering to various commitments, namely:

  • Ensuring a warm welcome and to actively listen to the requests of our holidaymakers,
  • Advising and informing in a clear and personalised way
  • Offering our holidaymakers a pleasant space to consult the tourist information by means of clear organisation and the provision of sofas and a children’s area,
  • Measuring customer satisfaction in a global sense taking into account the resort’s satisfaction survey, online comments and customer complaints,
  • Identifying internal and external problems and implementing corrective action in the short and medium term.
  • Raising public awareness of sustainable development
  • Uniting the resort’s community leaders behind a common goal: “excellence”.


To learn more about the Quality Tourism brand, visit the official website.


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