Join Les Karellis' Teen Club!

Les Karellis’ teen club allows you to meet young people of your age and participate in fun activities with them or share moments of calm that you won’t forget...

ados club famille adolescents savoie

How do you join the Teen Club?

It is very simple, you have to be between 12 and 17 years old: there are two groups, the 12-14 year olds and the 15-17 year olds! The two groups come together during the week to share some great games, some evenings and the disco night!

If you are staying in resort accommodation, think of signing up with the teens’ leader at the welcome meeting of your holiday village. If you miss this opportunity, you have a second chance to know more about the teen club at the activities showcase on Sunday from 4:00 pm in front of the Tourist Office.

Supervision and operation

At the Teen Club, we have fun but they take care of us:

  •  The teenagers are supervised every morning from the moment they leave the building. (Latecomers are free to join the group during the first half hour of the reception time).
  •  A reception time (30 min) is provided at the beginning of each session, where the young people can, if they wish, arrive a few at a time.
  •  The leaders only take the teenagers to the holiday residences in the evenings!
  •  The 15-17 year olds are a little more "free" and can come and go as they want!
  •  The club is open for the 7 weeks that the resort is open, from Sunday evening to Friday evening!
  •  The club is open in the morning, in the afternoon as well as in the evening!
  •  A snack is provided at the end of the activities!


The teen club is included in the holiday residence package!

While waiting for the holidays, take a look at the programme for the teen club.

Discover your mountain holiday activities! After joining your group, it's time for a morning of activities: dance, theatre, volleyball, pool games, and sessions with our speakers during...

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