The ski slope for kids

New this year: the Karamel Slope

piste ludique les karellis

Karamel is on a skiing holiday at Les Karellis... And because he loves having fun, he wants you all to join his fun run with 11 little tests...

  • The Swing: be careful you don't take off!
  • The Oups (waves): little jumps like a snow rabbit
  • The Slalom: learn how to make your turns
  • The Hoops / Tunnel: specially for the little ones!
  • One Foot Turns: ski like a dahu!
  • The Bell: ring and ding!
  • Jousting: watch out for the pole on the way back!
  • Huts: take off your skis
  • Jumps: the hardest part is...the landing!
  • The "snake": with one ski either side!
  • Targets: throw your snowballs hard!


karamel les karellis

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