Fauna, flora... mountain is an entire ecosystem !

Combining tourism and respect for the environment : OBVIOUS !

Respect for the environment

The resort was  originally designed to respect the environment. Its construction did not scare away the wild animals - in fact it had the opposite effect. With a little luck you might meet a deer or a fox on your way to Les Karellis! On the summits (summer and winter), it's not rare to see a few chamois!

Hike or ski in the heart of a larch forest, with easy access to many protected sites. The Gros Mélèze (the oldest larch tree in Europe) is  600 years old, 30 metres high and 6.4m in circumference and Pramol Lake, hidden by the ice in winter or reflecting the mountains in the summer.

Animals, environment and history to discover

Marmot les Karellis

Discover this environment on a snowshoe trail or guided walk organised by the resort !

A kingdom for children where adults reign supreme ! The resort has been imagined and designed to avoid all the difficulties that can be associated with skiing. Children and adults can enjoy...
Winter or summer, there's no time to get bored at Les Karellis! The activities at the Karellis are for sports enthusiasts, contemplatives, young people, less young people, families,...
Get all the information you need to prepare your stay at Les Karellis ! Guide De Lhiver  > Download  here <

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