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CLOSE UP #1 The maintenance team for the lifts

Episode #1 The maintenance team for the lifts

You have all taken a chairlift or button lift to climb the slopes and enjoy the snow with family or friends! 

But did you know WHO is in charge of the lifts at Les Karellis? 

Michel, Jérémie, Christopher, Gautier and Aurélien have agreed to tell us a little more about their work preparing for the winter season !

Below, the team connecting the Les Granges chairlift cables, under Michel's expert eye...  

équipe de maintenance des remontées les karellis

What does a day's work mean for the lift maintenance technicians?

These technicians are trained to carry out special operations:

  • They perform "preventive maintenance" operations on the lifts during the off-season (from May to December) which means inspecting safety elements: checking the welding, inspecting for cracks, checking the bearings, grease, disassembling the safety bars, inspecting the cables, testing the brake system with a simulator, etc.
  • The technicians also carry out major inspections (more detailed) on the lifts.
  • Below, Gautier and Christopher correct the tension in a cable using a winch and pulley system.

  • During the winter season, you will probably see them around the resort! Corrective maintenance is provided by these operators to ensure that the lifts work well. During the exceptionally rare moments when the lifts break down, the technicians must fix them as quickly as possible! 

    The maximum regulatory time-frame for evacuating skiers trapped on a broken down lift is 3 hours. 


    Thank you Michel, Jérémie, Christopher, Gautier and Aurélien!

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