CLOSE UP #6 The ecomuseum of Montricher

CLOSE UP #6 The ecomuseum of Montricher

musée écomusée ludique savoie alpes

Some culture and History, even during the holidays, it doesn't hurt !

In Montricher, 5 km from Les Karellis, come visit the ecomuseum of Montricher.

This muesum, installed in an authentic home of the village, presents you the way of living of olden times, before the resort of Les Karellis was even created.

The different rooms recount the inhabitants of Montricher's everyday life. From the housing, to the works on the lands and woods,  and even the way of dressing and the fabrication of slates, you'll discover the details of former way of live.

Volunteers organise the visits, inasmuch as most of them lived those times, so different that what we know now. The will offer you a real time travel, sharing anecdotes about their youth. 

Transport will be organized by your holiday village, let's meet at the reception desk for the registration !

musée écomusée savoie ludique famille

musée karellis montricher écomusée savoie

[Ecomusée Montricher les Karellis] [Ecomusée Montricher les Karellis] [Ecomusée Montricher les Karellis]


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