Visit of the ecomuseum in Montricher


Samedi 22 décembre 2018
Samedi 20 avril 2019

Located in an an old home, at the heart of the village of Montricher. From the housing, to the works on the lands and woods, and even the way of dressing and the fabrication of slates, you'll discover the details of former way of live.


From 22/12/2018 to 20/04/2019
Adult: 2 €, Child: 1 €.

From 29/06 to 24/08/2019
Adult: 2 €, Child: 1 €.


Discover the process of the fabrication of slates which remained until the 70's. A real time travel in the past to realise the former conditions of living in mountain.


73870 Montricher-Albanne



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